My wife and I have long had a trip to Louisville planned for next weekend to celebrate her birthday.

But then on Wednesday night, the Chicago Sky clinched a berth in the WNBA Finals, which will — coincidentally — be played in Chicago next weekend. …

Never Leave Early

Tuesday night was supposed to be a relaxing if mundane evening at Wrigley Field with my dad.

Instead, I wound up leaving the ballpark with a souvenir, a memory, and a lesson I’ll never forget.

Never leave early.

Dad and I had gone to countless Cubs games…

My dog is sound asleep on our couch. My wife is in our guest bedroom turned home office and gym, saving the world at the not-for-profit that she runs.

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter scheduling social media posts for the day and agonizing over messaging for a series of…

The months and the weeks and the days leading up to your wedding are supposed to be some of the funnest and most carefree of your life.

You’ve finally — FINALLY — found the love of your life.

After all that swiping, an endless parade of bad first dates and…

Living in Chicago during a global pandemic has brought with it any number of unusual experiences.

Blocks of bars closed to the public, boarded up grocery stores that remain open, and silence downtown during rush hour.

That’s what greeted me at the tail end of my four mile run this morning, was just…silence, silence where there should have been noise.

Thursday mornings on State Street in Chicago are supposed to be chaotic. The soundtrack should be cars passing, horns honking, pedestrians chattering about, an indistinguishable melange of chaos.

Thursday mornings on State Street in Chicago during a pandemic are…quiet. Quiet enough to where you can stand in the middle of the street during rush hour and take a picture.

Quiet enough to where it sticks in your mind just how odd this time in our lives is.

The first day of the second half of the year that might not ever end was a parade of mundane occurrences punctuated with margaritas and a walk to the Chicago River.

Sarah and I got up early to work out. Not like early early because hours don’t have much meaning…

It’s 4 am and the remnants of my bachelorhood are packed neatly in boxes.

I’m sitting on my balcony in Lincoln Park one last time, admiring the same sunrise that I took for granted for the duration of my late 20s and most of my 30s as the clock ticks…

Clark Street in the middle of a recent Wednesday

Everyone’s grasping for something to keep themselves sane these days, to find comfort in a situation that has forced all of us way out of our comfort zones.

For me that comfort has been in lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement by myself.

I’ve run almost 100 miles…

Empty frozen pizza freezer at the Lincoln Park Target

The whole world is shutting down and you can’t get a decent thin crust frozen pizza in Chicago.

So, what do we do now?

That’s a rhetorical and a halfway serious question because right now, I’m at a complete loss for words as to what to do because these are…

Matt Lindner

Chicago-based freelance writer as seen in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, RedEye,, and others. Bourbon and pajama pant enthusiast.

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